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About us

In 1978 a small, "mom and pop" natural foods store opened its doors in Webster Groves. Prior to any mainstream ideas regarding organic, whole, or natural foods and supplements, the store was catering to the health and wellness of its local community.

The Natural Way found itself responding to the needs of a growing, health-conscious community and opened a second store in West County's Creve Coeur in 1990. Following high demand and continued growth, a third store was established in Fenton in 2000. These two stores, though smaller than the original parent store in Webster Groves, are now the legacy of the initial idea that a healthier lifestyle should be afforded to all in the Saint Louis community.

At the Natural Way Health Food and Vitamin Centers you will find natural foods free of additives and chemicals, high quality herbs and vitamins, as well as various items for special diets and for people with food allergies.  In addition, a selection of natural body care, as well as cleaning products, pet products, books, and bulk foods are available. We are consistently adding time-tested herbal remedy formulations, as well as new gluten free items, and increasing Kosher-certified products.

With the growing cost of healthcare and the growing cost of managing chronic conditions, we at The Natural Way understand that prevention of disease and maintenance of health are keys to investing in your future. We realize it may be difficult to make the right choice for you. That's why our knowledgeable staff devote their time and attention to helping you choose only the best products that fit your budget. In addition, what truly sets us apart is the ability to speak to our board-certified physician-educator who can provide you with evidence-based, integrative information when making your choice! You won't find this anywhere else! 

Come and visit one of our stores today...  And start living The Natural Way.


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