The Many Uses Of Tea

Benefits of TeaThe Many Uses Of Tea

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We all love a nice cup of tea, but did you know you can use tea for a wide range of other purposes too? There are so many ways you can use tea, to benefit your health, in your beauty regime and around the home! Let's take a look at some of the uses of tea...

Make your hair shiny

Tea can be used to condition your hair, adding moisture. After shampooing, rinse your hair with a liter of tea. It will add instant shine!

Freshen up your carpets

Sprinkle carpets with green tea leaves that have been left to dry. Leave them for 15 minutes then simply do the vacuuming. This will leave your floors smelling fresh again.

Cover up grey hair

When you've got some grey hairs you want to hide, it can cost a fortune in visits to the hairdresser. Instead, you can dye those grey hairs with tea! Put three tea bags into a cup of hot water and leave overnight. Rub this into damp hair and it will color those greys for you!

Clean wooden furniture

Cold tea is great for cleaning and polishing wood. It works great on furniture and also on your solid wood floors too!

Get rid of fingerprints from glass

Fingerprints on glass can be so annoying. Simply rub them with a damp tea bag and they'll be gone. This works great on windows, mirrors and glass ornaments such as vases.

Soothe your tired eyes

After a hard day at work, lie back and relax with a warm tea bag over each eyelid. After around twenty minutes your eyes will feel revitalised!

Clean toilets the easy way

Just drop a teabag into the toilet bowl and leave for a few hours. It will really help get rid of any stains in the toilet without having to do any scrubbing.

Ease your painful sunburn

If you've overdone it in the sunshine and got burnt, wet teabags applied to the affected area can really help to take away the pain and redness. If you've got a lot of burnt areas then add some tea to your bath water and soak in it.

Keep cat litter smell free

Mix some dry green tea leaves into your cat litter and it will help to stop it smelling bad. A much cheaper alternative than store bought litter deodorisers!

Make your roses grow

Don't throw away your old tea bags. Open them up and sprinkle them around your roses to encourage extra growth.

Get rid of food smells on your hands

Cooking can often leave you with unpleasant odors on your hands. Especially if you're cooking with fish, garlic or onions. Rinse your hands with a cup of tea after preparing food and the smell will vanish.

Repair a broken fingernail

It's so annoying when all your nails look perfect but then you go and break one! You can make a temporary fix by carefully applying a piece of tea bag to the break and covering with polish.

Enhance your boiled eggs

Adding tea leaves to the water when you're boiling eggs gives them a unique and delicious flavor. It also colors them.

Freshen your feet

If your feet don't smell as fresh as you'd like, soak your feet in strong tea for 15 minutes. It will take away the smell and it's also very relaxing.

Make meat super tender

Soaking meat overnight in strong tea will make it extra tender.

Relax and unwind

Feeling stressed? A cup of peppermint or camomile tea will help to ease away the worries of the day.

Give your clothes the vintage look

Soak any pale colored clothing in cool tea to give it a vintage look. The longer you leave it to soak, the darker the color will be.

Keep your fridge odor free

A few used tea bags placed in an open container in your fridge can help to eliminate food odors.

Keep mosquitoes at bay

Mosquitoes don't like tea. Burn tea leaves and you'll be keeping them away without having to worry about using harmful chemicals.

Make your own car air freshener

You don't need to spend money making your car smell nice. Simply hang a scented tea bag up threaded on a piece of string.

Get beautiful skin

Adding green tea to your bathwater will help to give your skin a radiant look and keep it healthy too.

Ease a nick from a razor

If you've cut yourself shaving, place a wet tea bag on the cut. It will stem the bleeding and ease the pain too.

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