Why Eating Whole Foods Can Make You A Whole Lot Healthier

Benefits of Whole FoodsWhy Eating Whole Foods Can Make You A Whole Lot Healthier

There are so many processed food products out there, it can be easy to wind up eating a diet that is high in processed foods. In our modern world we tend to live hectic busy lives. We can find it difficult to find the time to cook meals from scratch, so processed, convenience foods and take away food is often the order of the day. It’s just so easy to grab a meal from the freezer and put it in the microwave. Ping! Two minutes later you’ve got a hot cooked meal!

However, eating processed foods is just so bad for you. They are often high in sugar and usually low in nutrients.  A diet of processed food does not give you the full range of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. You should be especially cautious of products labelled as ‘low fat’. While on the surface these look like a healthy option, when manufacturers remove some of the fat, they are also removing some of the flavour. Now of course if a product isn’t tasty, customers will soon go elsewhere. No matter how healthy a product appears to be, no one wants a tasteless meal. So what do the manufacturers do? They add in sugar instead! So you see, many low fat products are actually very high in sugar. It’s certainly something to look out for.

Eating whole foods gives you all the nutrients you need

When you change to a whole food diet, you’ll be getting lots of vitamins, minerals and essential omega-3 fatty acids. The less processing a food has undergone, the more of the natural goodness will remain intact. Fruit and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals, but each one is different, so it’s important to eat a wide range of fruit and vegetables to ensure you’re getting the full range of these important nutrients. It is suggested that if you try to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, picking products that are different colors, then you’re getting the widest range of minerals and vitamins.

Whole foods will fill you up for less calories

Whole foods are filling. They will fill you up and leave you feeling fuller for longer. Many whole foods are low in calories but are also bulky and packed full of fiber. This is great news for dieters, so if you’re looking to lose a bit of weight then a whole food diet is one that you can really stick to as you’re not left feeling hungry and deprived of food.

Your skin and hair will improve

A diet of whole foods will probably include grains. Grains are high in zinc and this will lead to a clearer healthy looking complexion, and shinier glossy hair! Foods that are high in vitamin C such as oranges can help to protect your skin from the signs of ageing, and if you choose fruit and vegetables that are red or orange in color, these will be high in lycopene and this protects your skin from sun damage.

Eating whole foods can protect you from some serious diseases

There has been a lot of research into the effects of different types of diet on our health. Studies have shown that by following a whole food diet, you are lowering your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer. This is thought to be in part due to the powerful antioxidants present in many whole foods.

A whole food diet could even make you cleverer!

While there hasn’t been a huge amount of research into this, some studies have shown that children who eat a whole food diet perform better at school that those who eat a diet consisting mainly of processed food.

Whole foods can make you feel happier and reduce stress levels

Yes, a whole food diet can even make you feel happier. Processed foods are high in trans fats that you just won’t get if you eat a diet based around whole foods. Studies have found a strong link between the consumption of these trans fats and an increase in feelings of stress, aggression and irritability. When you eliminate these foods from your diet, you should find your state of mind much calmer and more positive.

So it’s time to make a change

Reducing your intake of processed foods, and adding more whole foods into your diet will make you look and feel better. You’ll be doing your best to protect your health and you’ll ensure that you don’t gain extra weight too. Experiment with whole foods and discover a world of culinary delights you never knew existed!

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